Weekend In Tabuk – Day II

Saturday morning, after an uber heavy breakfast and some more photography sessions and lazy stretches, we set out for Tabuk just before noon. This time, we took the shorter route. The drive was only an hour and a half long and we reached there pretty quickly. We had our return flight in the evening. So we... Continue Reading →


Weekend In Tabuk – Day I

Now there are two routes that go to Sharma. One is the normal one that goes from South of Tabuk and is about 150 kms. The other one is quite longer, almost 400 kms, goes from the North (towards Jordan) and is actually for Haql village. We decided to leave early morning at 7 AM... Continue Reading →

A Weekend In Tabuk

Tabuk or Tabouk is one of the oldest cities in the world and exists since around 500 BC, then known as Taboo. Ptolemy (100 AD-ish) has mentioned a city "Tabawa" in the North-western corner of Arabia and the description pretty much matches that of Tabuk. It was a very popular route for the traders and pilgrims... Continue Reading →

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