Paragliding in Saudi (Yes, it’s true!)

As you might know, on our recent trip to Abha, my husband tried his hand at paragliding. While we initially tried to procure information about it, not much was available online. We just got lucky. So I have asked T to pen down his experience of paragliding and share with us how it felt.  Here... Continue Reading →


Abha – Day II (Art Street, Habala Hanging Village, Green Mountain)

The next day was a Friday. So that basically meant that the whole country would be in sleeping mode till after the noon prayers i.e. 1:00 PM. We decided to sleep in and freshen up completely for the next day. But I don’t know if it was the excitement of the new place or the... Continue Reading →

Souq Okaz

Usually, the lifestyle after Ramadan tends to be lethargic and sleepy for atleast a month. During Ramadan, the whole country basically stays up all night and sleeps at daybreak till afternoon. So coming out of this “jetlag” is quite a task. However, Saudi seems to have taken this as a challenge head-on and organized so... Continue Reading →

Bir Ar Rawha

I am finally posting after a long break (well, Ramadan is a valid excuse!). Being here in India in Ramadan, one tends to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the old city. The social visits, the courtesy calls; oooooh, and the most interesting ones – the FOOD calls *nom nom*! All this food... Continue Reading →

Al Bahah – Day II

After a light breakfast at our hotel, we set off at 7:30 AM onwards to Baljurashi. We thought we would simply drive through the city. After all, who knows when we would get another chance to come here. And from there, proceed to a dam that is located South-east of the city, one of the... Continue Reading →

Al Bahah – Day I

Dhi Ayn Ruins 78 Kms from the Al Muzaylif exit are the Dhi Ayn or Dhi Ain ruins. I did read a bit about it earlier and found out it was a UNESCO Heritage site. The entrance is managed by a sleepy fellow (probably because he didn’t expect us crazies to come there on a... Continue Reading →

Al Baha – The Fog City

Winter has always been my favorite season of all! No oily skin, no sweaty hair, no body odor (or other petty girly stuff!) to deal with. I suppose coming from a hot and humid country does that to you.  Come winters and I feel all charged up. I start feeling all pretty and peachy and... Continue Reading →

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