Al Bahah – Day II

After a light breakfast at our hotel, we set off at 7:30 AM onwards to Baljurashi. We thought we would simply drive through the city. After all, who knows when we would get another chance to come here. And from there, proceed to a dam that is located South-east of the city, one of the... Continue Reading →


Al Bahah – Day I

Dhi Ayn Ruins 78 Kms from the Al Muzaylif exit are the Dhi Ayn or Dhi Ain ruins. I did read a bit about it earlier and found out it was a UNESCO Heritage site. The entrance is managed by a sleepy fellow (probably because he didn’t expect us crazies to come there on a... Continue Reading →

Al Baha – The Fog City

Winter has always been my favorite season of all! No oily skin, no sweaty hair, no body odor (or other petty girly stuff!) to deal with. I suppose coming from a hot and humid country does that to you.  Come winters and I feel all charged up. I start feeling all pretty and peachy and... Continue Reading →

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