In February 2013, I came to Saudi Arabia, the Golden Kingdom, as a blushing bride. Ever since then, I had made a promise to myself that I will not let the jobless lifestyle consume me and turn me into just a rather boring wife. It was this thirst to not lose “myself” along the way which gave meaning to my life.

My husband, ever supportive, tried to look for new places in and around the city (Riyadh at the time) to keep me on my toes. Very soon after that, it became a passion for us. Going to some place no one else has set foot before felt something like an achievement.

This passion has continued as we shifted to Jeddah, and even increased, if I may say, as there are so many places to explore here. This blog is a journal of our travels and explorations as we go to all the places that this kingdom has to offer (Oh! and the rest of the world as well).




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