Search for the perfect sunset continues…!

It had been quite a while since I had seen a proper sunset over my beloved Red Sea what with us trying out new restaurants all over Jeddah. So this weekend got me craving for some sun over the pristine blue Red Sea waters.  After a lazy Saturday morning, we had lunch by 3 and were ready to catch some sun by 4 PM.

We set out towards the South Corniche road. This road goes parallel to the Route 5 which leads towards Jizan and Yemen (some day! *sigh*). South Corniche road has one of the most beautiful views of the untouched water. People simply park their cars on the side and bath in the waters. The best part is that there is a sort of reef that stretches out quite far in the sea. So really, the water never goes more than knee-deep (except in some areas, and I highly advise you NOT to go about exploring the depths of the sea!). Each time I visit, I see so many families just squatting in the sea or sitting on their chairs with their feet dipping in the water or just spreading a picnic on the small beach that the site has to provide.


You can really stop anywhere along the coast, wherever your heart desires.IMG_9905IMG_9904

We passed Al-Saif beach on our way. It is the ideal spot for families or big groups since it has all the facilities available – children’s play areas, family seating areas, cute little umbrellas which don’t really serve any purpose except make the place look like Hawaii, washrooms etc.



However, I prefer going somewhere new. So we kept on driving South. Then we passed along a stretch of water that was the most magnificent shade of blue! However, there was a lot of crowd there. So again we passed on. However, it seems we were simply captivated by the shade because after that, no place seemed good enough. So cars or not, we decided to go back to that spot.


There was a portion of land extending right in the sea which made it possible for us to drive right near the water. The sight was splendid! Azure blue waters in the diminishing sun couldn’t have looked better. I even took a book with me to complete this wonderful experience!


Sadly, the local tourists badly need a lesson in public responsibility. The whole place was like a dumpyard! As much as the sea was beautiful, the condition of land was equally abysmal. There were used diapers, chicken bones, cigarette butts, plastic bags flying about, trash bags full of trash. But not one of them had the sense to take the garbage with them and dispose it on the way. So many plastic bags were flying about and I could only pray that one of them didn’t land on me!


Strangely, the blue water was only on one of the land mass. On the other side, the water was its usual grey. We decided to go to the other side to see the sunset. But we had to walk, as the sand got too soft after a while and water oozed out if the sand was pressed too hard. So driving there was out of the question. Even the sand seemed strange after a bit. It was bumpy with so many holes in it. I assumed it contained crabs inside them and didn’t venture to find out if my assumptions were true! We went as far as we could go, clicked some beautiful pictures of the sun and started the return journey.


Crab holes maybe (?)

Well, maybe not the perfect sunset but we definitely found the perfect place to chill. There is still a whole lot to be explored on the South Corniche stretch and we will definitely keep going back to see it all!


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