Shrimps In Lemon Butter Sauce

This recipe is the quickest way to satisfy your hunger as well as your taste buds. Make sure you use all fresh ingredients for optimum flavors!

You will need:

500 gms Large Prawns (Shelled and De-veined, with tail on)

1 Cup softened Butter

2 Lemons, Zest and Juice

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste

½ Cup Mixed Herbs (Cilantro, Mint, Rosemary, Parsley etc.)



Marinade shrimps in all the above ingredients and keep aside for an hour, preferably.

Heat a Grill Pan on Medium High flame. Arrange the shrimps on the pan evenly on the pan and pour the remaining marinade as well. Make sure the pan is not too crowded.

Let it cook for 2 minutes on one side and do not lower the heat. If you do so, the shrimps will release water and they will end up being tough and chewy.

Flip it over and cook for another minute.

Feel free to play with flavors of your own choice. And most importantly, go with your instincts :).

Serve hot with your favourite salad or some sautéed vegetables.


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