Big Chefs

One among the many of the latest restaurants to come up in Jeddah is Big Chefs. It is located in Khayyat Centre, newly opened on Prince Sultan Street.  Two weeks ago, as we passed by it, it made for such a pretty sight with tiny yellow lights hanging off the ceiling. I decided immediately that we had to go to this lovely place someday! So as soon as the last Friday presented itself, we headed there.


The place was so beautiful. High ceiling with open concept design and those teeny tiny light bulbs made it look like a huge fairy’s nest. And my God those bookshelves!  When we arrived, we were told that there would be a waiting time of about an hour. The waiting area was next to a lovely fireplace, so we decided to wait around. However, we barely waited for 10 minutes and we were shown to our table.  We were lucky enough to be seated at a table right next to a bookshelf.

For a bookworm like me, this 2-storeyed bookshelf was a star attraction in itself! 

The menu is so vast. You will be completely lost in the menu weighing options against each other. Big Chefs has a Turkish origin. So you can see roots of Turkish cuisine with some wonderful innovations (who ever heard of Kunefe stuffed with blueberry and mozzarella?!) along with numerous varieties of other European cuisine. There were four of us and it took us almost 20 minutes just to make up our minds just on what to eat from amongst the plethora of things that they had to offer.

The service was extremely quick and very efficient. The waiters kind and polite (we bothered ours with lots of questions, but he always answered with a very genuine smile on his face). We asked our waiter for recommendations in salad and dessert (main course has to be MY choice. Always!) and we ordered just that.

Fried Goat Cheese Salad


This was absolutely my kinda salad! I am a huge salad fan and when I get something new, I love it! The goat cheese was coated and fried and it was perfectly crisp from outside with gooey softness inside. Apart from the greens and the raspberry vinaigrette, the salad included elements like walnuts, fresh and dried berries, fresh orange and pomegranate which added a delicious tang and lots of texture to the whole dish. We had read rave reviews as well about this salad during our search for recommended food in Big chefs. And trust me, it did not disappoint.

Chicken and Vegetable Quesadilla


Although this is the most clichéd food of all times and in all restaurants, I have had some outstanding quesadillas in some places. However, the one here wasn’t that exclusive. It delivered on the taste front. But the tortilla itself was quite dry and chewy – the only negative point. Otherwise, the chicken and vegetable stuffing was yum. It was served with Guacamole, Salsa Sauce and Sour Cream. The Salsa sauce had a more ketchup-y taste, but it added to the betterment of the overall dish. The Guac was on point.

Beef Schnitzel with Parmesan


This was my first time trying a schnitzel. However, I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Schintzel is basically a slice of beef wrapped in pastry sheet, covered in crumbs and fried. The dish tasted more like pastry than beef itself. I have no other ‘schnitzel’ experience to compare it to so can’t really tell. However, looking at the next dish, I have absolutely no doubt on the chef’s prowess.

Home-Style (Beef Kebab)


This was my absolute favourite dish in the whole meal that we had. The Kebabs had a very rustic feel to it. The flavours were subtle yet prominent. It was served with baked potatoes and sautéed baby tomatoes. The whole dish was true to its name. It looked very much home style, earthy and yet so elegant. The kebabs were cooked to perfection, soft and moist. This looked to me like a proper home cooked Turkish meal. Definitely, a must have! We couldn’t stop ourselves from ordering a second helping :P.

Kunefe with Blueberry and Mozzarella


The name itself is so interesting that we couldn’t resist ordering it. And the taste! It was a blast in the mouth. Served with Vanilla Ice cream, the flavour combination of blueberry and mozzarella wes so new and intensifying. And after all that gluttony, comes the most important part. The Kunefe was baked crisp. Not fried. So no guilt there. Haha! This dessert is a must try.

To accompany all the delicious, we had ordered a Virgin Extreme Mojito between me and T. It was simply wow! It wasn’t just lemon and mint. It was a super lemony, extremely punchy drink with fresh berries and huge chunks of lemon in it. There were so many choices in beverages that we might have to go back again just to have some more Mojito.

Overall, Big Chefs provide a very new and unique experience. The breakfast menu looked quite promising as well. We will most definitely go there again. A must visit for all Jeddawis!

GPS: 21.573765 39.143636

(Disclaimer: The opinions held in this post are solely held by the author. You are free to try it and form your own opinions :D. )


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