The Many Shades of Jeddah

We have shifted to Jeddah since almost 2 years now. And I am proud to say that I have become a true Jeddawi. I have discovered places here, new and old, that people living here since ages aren’t even aware of. Call it the young blood, I suppose! Not to sound biased to my city, but Jeddah is the most diversified, cosmopolitan city in Saudi Arabia. The cultural variations are so extreme. The air here seems somewhat different. The overall atmosphere of the city is relaxed, laidback and calm. Owe it to the blue waters I suppose!

One of the reasons is also the constant rush of pilgrims that come to Makkah via Jeddah. Be it for tourism or shopping or meeting their relatives etc., you can always see tourists in the main marketplaces. The people here belong to so many different nationalities and backgrounds, hereby, bringing in their own culture and adding it to the essence of Jeddah. On one hand, we have the old city centre, Balad, a UNESCO Heritage site which takes you back to 50 years ago where you can visualize how the people in those days used to live their lives. And on the other, you have Tahlia Street which have all the world famous cafes and food chains.

There are so many things to do here in Jeddah that I can safely say I haven’t been able to cover it all yet. However, let me start somewhere.

I don’t think I need to mention the usual famous places like the Jeddah Fountain, Corniche, Fakieh Aquarium (I haven’t been to many aquariums honestly, but I thought this was AWESOME!) and the multitude of malls. Though if I find anything new in those places, you will surely find it here! Mostly however, I will concentrate on the lesser known places mostly located on the outskirts of the city.


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  1. Hi. Thanks for ringing into our sight ur ideas and first hand experience of Saudi. I liked it a lot an d would love to low if u come across and find a new unique place to sit relax n have fun


    1. Hi Naveed,

      Glad you liked my blog :). You can visit the South Corniche further south from Al Saif beach. Lots of pure untouched blue waters there. Just pick a spot and it’s your very own private beach.


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